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Im sorry…

I’m sorry for

The hurt I caused.

The pain you felt.

That tear you shed.

I’m sorry for

The heartbreak.

Staying awake.

I’m sorry for

Wasting time.

Taking time.

You being mine.

I’m not sorry for

The laugh and smiles, even if they weren’t mine.  

Being close and sharing souls.

The heart warming talks and frivolous walks.

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Silent pain.

Cut me up.

Throw me up.

What’s the point of being up.

A single cut doth hurt too much.

A single word is always enough.

Enough to hurt, enough to feel.

What’s the point of me being near.

Near to you just simply hurts.

Makes me feel what’s never been feared.

Makes me hear what’s never been heard.

I hear your thoughts, I hear your words.

I can’t stop feeling not being enough.

When will you realise the hurt you caused.

A hurts never been spoken, never been heard.

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Find yourself.

Don’t lose yourself.

Be yourself.

Love yourself.

Its hard to do but trust me, its worth the woes.

Worth the pain.

Worth the fight.

Always worth a little plight.

As long as you love yourself and love oneself.

Make it worthwhile. Make it last.

Just don’t make it your last.

There is purpose, you are worth it.

Don’t give up and live your purpose.

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Be Better.

Be better.

Feel better.

I pray to god you live better.

Cherish the thoughts and memories.

Feeling so lost, could barely breathe.

Pray from the heart.

Pray from the soul.

Just pray for something a little more.

Longing your stay.

Wishing you near. Don’t disappear.

This is a thrill.

Stay a moment. Just a little bit.

Be strong together, don’t be at bay.

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Wake up.

Why’d you let me feel

Feel so cold and all alone.

Feel so weak I couldn’t speak.

Why’d you let me be

Be so unlike me.

Another me.

Why’d you fail

Fail to ask what has passed.

Failed to talk about my past.

Why’d you be so mean

Laughing and joking at the wrong times.

Lying and lurking just to get by.

Why’d you ignore me

Ignorance is bliss but is it really?

Ignorance is false hope that will never be.

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Pulling strings…

I don’t like white lies.

I don’t like any lies.

I like true lines from a little rhyme.

The ones that make you laugh and skip a heart line.

Keep your distance with your little lies.

Stop the whine.

Just live your life.

Skip the line.

Don’t be mine.

Be true and extend your lifeline.

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Missing part.

I miss you life.

I miss you friend.

I miss you when you’re not there.

I miss your smile I miss your laugh.

I miss your thoughts and instant thrive.

I miss your spirit I miss your drive.

I miss the feeling of life passing by.

I miss your words I miss your truths.

I miss how every thought ended up so true.

I miss your peace I miss your air.

I miss the thought that can’t be bought.

Most of all I miss you.

Not the new you but the old you.

The whole you was the brightest you.

So please come back and be anew.

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You’re the light.

You’re my fight.

The reason I stay up at night.

You’re the flame I never blame.

Without you it’s such a shame.

Words can’t explain the excitement I get from hearing your name and feeling no fret.

You’re the reason I cry and the reason I laugh.

The reason I smile and fight a little less.

I can’t help but feel blessed.

Blessed by your beauty and your innocent heart.

You remind me how we were right from the start.

So young so fresh and excitingly so.

You have my word, I promise to not let go.

You make life so easy, I don’t know how.

Let’s live for the moment and never bow down.

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Just be

Trying to forget is the hardest part.

A love so raw you can’t depart.

A love so true that can’t be bought.

So gentle and soft, who would’ve thought.

Is it even real, if you can’t even feel.

Just be who you want to be and feel what you want to feel.

Don’t forget yourself and live a dream.

This is real life so let’s be real.

Just live your life and be who you want to be.




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I’ve lost my ways, i’ve lost my days.

Not even sure i’ll ever find my way.

Days keep passing from sun to shade.

People keep laughing all night all day.

Sitting in silence trying to forget some days. 

Keeping my troubles all at bay.

Oh what a shame.

Struggling to cope another day.

Struggling to find what was all but mine.

Struggling to fight through all the pain, but what is this life without a little rain.

The answers’ right there but we forget to look.

Take a little step. Just stop and look.

Maybe I’ll find that spark inside.

A little light to guide me through the night.

A little shade to get through the days.

A little sun to brighten my day.


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Gentle reminder

Excuse me.

Don’t mind me.

I like to write, to find me.

Come find me.

Come shine me.

I like to find sobriety.

Let’s just be, happy souls.

Out here in a world so cold.

Fighting for a justice cause.

Letting others’ thoughts be heard.

Join me on this journey to find something to hold.

Something so true, something not bought.

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Scornful thoughts

Don’t talk to me.

Don’t text me.

Don’t test me.

Don’t even utter my name.

Don’t even talk about shame.

Just leave.

Just let me, forget you and dead you. Just how you let me fear you.

You’re not you. I’m not me.

You’re nothing but a fake dream.

It ain’t real. You’re surreal.

Not accepting something real.

Left to feel what’s all been felt.

Left to hear what’s all been heard.

Never offering anything more than a short thrill.

A short frill. A fake drill.

Just let me be and I’ll let you be.